Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend non-scientific and abridged MMA Picks and Predictions: WSOF 3 and UFC 161: Evans vs Henderson

I go into one of my other jobs in about an hour, so my coffee and I give to thee a 5 minute-ish calculated/compiled list of predictions for tonight and tomorrow night's B Squad and A list professional MMA fights.
I wouldn't recommend actually using my predictions as a baseline to bet money, b/c I haven't looked at the spread for any of these fights, but it's only money, right?
Every now and then I'll have a rough event, but I tend to average picking in the neighborhood of 50-85% right most on an average night.

Alas, I have digressed, onto the picks!

In the event, you actually get the NBC Sports Network package whatever it is, or you're at a bar with 500 channels, here are my WSOF 3 picks:
Jon Fitch will impose his will and then finish Burkman in the 4th round (!)
Lyle Beerbohm will take a split decision over Jacob Volkmann.
I'll be working downtown again, and furtively checking my phone between ID's/taking parking money, but here are my UFC 161 picks:
Rashad Evans will be just a bit too fast and have a bit too much movement over Dan Henderson over 3 rounds. Were it a 5 round fight, I'd almost be willing to bet Hendo clips him somewhere in there and gets the finish. But I think Evans will come with a smart(er) stick and move gameplan with some pressing Hendo against the cage in between. I hate saying this, but I doubt it will be an overly exciting fight. Gustaffson and Jones are the only guys in the LHW I find entertaining much anymore.
I think Nelson (assuming he doesn't have the flu or whatever he had when he fought Fabricio) will fight a smart fight and beat Stipe (who I do like, but as he showed in complaining about Magalhaes, the weakness is his ground game and he won't avoid the clinch all 3 rounds with Nelson who will drag him to the mat with impunity and out gut him *see what I did there*)
Ryan Jimmo will get back to his winning ways and do an awesome robot dance afterward.
I don't really follow women's MMA so I don't know who will win the Alexis Davis/Sexton fight.
Pat Barry will clip and finish Shawn Jordan after 2 dreary rounds of Jordan pressing Barry against the fence.

Jake Shields will pull a rabbit out of his hat and tap Woodley.
Stout will live up to his "hands of stone" moniker and win a wide decision but not come close to getting a stoppage as per usual.
Sean Pierson b/c I recognize his name and not the other guy.
The same for Figueroa and his opponent.
Yves Jabouin will put on an entertaining stand-up clinic and get  the nod.


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