Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's Semi-Massive MMA Multimedia Mailbag

Busy weekend with the WSOF 3 Card which in Bellator-esque fashion had some great finishes despite a card relatively lacking in name/star power.
At any rate, the UFC 161 is in the books, Rashad will likely face Jon Jones again in what will likely not be considerably more competitive as the lack of focus in the Blackzilian camp sounded clear in the Countdown special with Rashad saying that you choose from one of the special area coaches (striking, wrestling et cetera) at the start of camp, and he sits down with the others and the come up with a game plan.

Call me a purist, or old school, or whatever, but I think the big advantage in a team like Jackson's MMA is that there is a centerpiece, ala Greg Jackson that is the tie that binds.

At any rate, what do I know, I'm a blue belt in BJJ and a black belt in Judo with 5 amateur MMA fights.

On to the video highlights from UFC 161:

I would truly rather see Dan Henderson match up with Jon Jones than Rashad vs Jon Jones Part Deux. But, the baldfather in his infinite wisdom would rather punish Dan Henderson for his personality than do what makes sense from a fan's perspective of seeing a different former champ challenge for the belt:


In other news, Roy Nelson pulled a Donald Cerrone and was likely perhaps a fight away from a title shot but had a completely off night almost comparable to when he fought with the Flu against Werdum.

I don't know if it was the quick turnaround, or perhaps Stipe really was just that sharp and Roy was just that flat on this night. Stipe looked much more fluid and mobile and got in, landed his 1-2, and got back out. My hat off to him. The heavyweight division seems to still be flush with strikers


Jake Shields pulls out a lackluster win over fellow Strikeforce import, Tyron Woodley. I had a feeling Shields would do what it took to pull out the "W" even if it wasn't pretty or entertaining. When guys let Jake fight his fight, he is very, very hard to beat. I'm always glad to see a strong grappler in the mix as I need a break from all the stand n' bang fights that sometimes seem like they are becoming the norm.

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