Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free MMA Fights Reminder: Bellator 96/Fight Master Debut(s) Tonight at 8pm

Bellator hits us with two barrels of the awesome shotgun tonight with the first Summer Series card of live fights AND their foray into the world of MMA-related "reality" TV programming.

Here's Ariel Helwani interviewing War Machine on his time away from the sport:
War Machine, MMA's answer to the Cinderella Man narrative.....I guess.

I can't really hate too much on the guy. We all make mistakes and if I had the kind of publicity he had when I was in my early 20's, I can't say I would have done any better or worse.

As it is, he's one of those guys you worry about once he's no longer able to fight and stay focused on that to keep him out of trouble:

Moving on to more pertinent actual MMA news/gambling picks:
Muhammed Lawal vs. Seth Petruzelli -   Petruzelli has what it takes to be a spoiler any time he fights, but I think King Mo plays it smart(er) and gets it done.      
  • Jacob Noe vs. Renato Sobral -    Though Babalu is on the downturn of his long career, I think he gets the submission here.
  • Rich Hale vs. Ryan Martinez -    any fight in the Bellator HW division seems to potentially find a Gypsy curse, what with guys winning the belt then retiring, axe kicks to the groin of doom, not making weight, et cetera. I honestly have no idea who wins this one, but I saw a picture of Rich Hale with a pretty badass beard, so I'll go with him.                  
  • Vitaly Minakov vs. Ron Sparks -    I'm going with the Russian b/c will be the next big wave of fighters in MMA (sorry Dana White, it won't be Hispanic fighters to tap into that market you want)      
  • Blas Avena vs. War Machine - Hopefully, War Machine gets a "W", and I think he will.  

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