Sunday, June 9, 2013

Post Metamoris Thoughts of Outrage

The foot on lapel grip used by Braulio is a stall tactic, it sucks, and it did nothing except stall Rodolfo's passing. I'm more angry just b/c I know Braulio is a monster competitor who has so many finishes on his resume.

Brendan Schaub's behavior was laughable.

Rener's interview statement to Cyborg, "so, Cyborg, you had to know he wasn't going to grapple you much" was a sad attempt to deflect the type of disingenuous behavior Ryron did in his stallfest "submission only" match with Galvao.

Mackenzie Dern and Michelle Nicollini went after it.
Lovato and Galvao did the same.
My hat off to those 4 competitors for actually showing Jiu-Jitsu for their 20 minute match duration(s).

JT versus Estima was heavy on leg attacks and Estima was at least always looking to hurt and finish. That's more than I can say for Braulio's foot on lapel grip that he didn't even use to really look to sweep.

Shinya and Kron was great. It ended about how I guessed, by submission, and if I'd had to bet, I would've said guillotine after he nearly caught Marcelo at the ADCC.

I'll have more outrage to rant about tomorrow, promise!

Train hard.

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