Monday, June 3, 2013

Video: Mundials 2013 Rematch: Buchecha vs Rodolfo Vieira

Buchecha pulls guard, quickly goes for what I've heard called the waiter sweep, then transitions to a leg attack which he uses to sweep.

Rodolfo settles into deep half as Buchecha keeps the pressure on trying to pass.

The agility and speed of these two guys is terrifying.

Rodolfo plays from DLR/sit-up guard as Buchecha works to pass.
Rodolfo spins to deep half/one-legged x-guard, almost comes out the backdoor to take the back as Buchecha considers a kneebar and eventually passes into a reverse kesa getama then almost sidemount but Rodolfo defends and Buchecha settles for half-guard.
They are reset in the middle of the tatami and Rodolfo again gets to the one-legged x-guard.

Rodolfo stands with Buchecha on his back, shakes the tree, Buchecha slips off, then turtles as Rodolfo tries to pass and settles for attacking the turtle.
Buchecha defends the back take, rolls and sweeps Rodolfo and comes up into half-guard. Rodolfo almost sweeps with what I call the Romulo Barral sweep (one hook spider-guard sweep on the bicep).

Buchecha locks up an arm as time runs out.

Buchecha is Absolute champion again.
Rodolfo is always right there with Buchecha. He nearly mounted him at the Pans inside of a minute. He almost took the back this time.

I hope they both continue competing rather than moving to MMA as I would love to see a few more rematches between these guys.

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