Saturday, June 15, 2013

WSOF 3 Video Highlights and Results: Guillotines, Leg Kicks, and Smothering Oh My!

The reason(s) why I work 3 jobs rather than make my living as a professional gambler recurred last night: I was wrong about Burkman wobbling and guillotining (sp?) Fitch in impressively short fashion. As it is, I'll be looking forward to the stand n' bang fest coming up tonight that I'll miss by working at my other job. Today was 4 hours of sleep after getting off work late last night and cleaning up, then open mat and lunch with friends and training partners. Tomorrow is Judo and Olympic lifts after a good night of sleep whenever I get off after doing the devil's work downtown.

Outspoken critic of the UFC and fighter pay and an alleged preference by the organization for the stand n' bang style, Volkmann showed by he lost his job even in winning several fights and losing a few in the UFC with a grappling-centric affair he won decisively. Another fight I misjudged. Le sigh.

In other news, we had a leg kick/verbal submission win!

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