Wednesday, June 5, 2013

VIDEO: Paulo Miyao Topples Keenan Cornelius as Best Brown Belt on Earth

Watching Keenan's meteoric rise through the purple belt and now brown belt ranks/competition has been breathtaking.
A couple weight classes down, the Miyao Bros. battle for that unofficial title of best brown belt on earth.

At least for this year, one of the Miyao's can claim outright he is the best brown belt on earth, regardless of weight.
No small feat for one of the lighter weight classes.
It says a lot about Keenan's assessment of Miyao's game b/c he played very differently when he met Gianni Grippo awhile back, simply forcing and imposing his will to pass, eventually doing so and overcoming virtually all of Grippo's guard work. I don't know if it's a desire to beat Miyao at his own game or by working to pass Keenan fears the sweep.

I am no expert on IBJJF rules, but it is very hard to keep track of advantages and such in a match like this, at least for a layman like myself. At the end of the day, it's frustrating as a spectator to watch them sit down and fight for feet for that duration of a match, after seeing them submit and dominate so many other high level guys.

It's akin to the UFC when two great guys stalemate most of one another's game.
It's also hard to feel bad for Keenan not getting the nod/referee decision when he elected to not come up and try to pass much of the match.
You don't have to play the footsies game.
Live by the footsies game, die by the footsies game.
Leandro Lo would be a prime example of a guy who has both a great bottom game and sweeps when he rarely ends up there, but has no fear in passing or fighting to pass the guard.  

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