Thursday, December 26, 2013

UFC 168 Full Countdown Video/Picks & Prognostications

Rousey by Armbar, round 1
Barnett by arm triangle round 2
Anderson Silva by obliteration round 2
Jim Miller by submission round 2
Poirier by TKO round 3


Because I'm progressive I'll discuss the womenzes fight first.
Miesha looks best in her fights throwing wild punches coming forward switching feet or putting the opponent on their butt up against the cage. The problem is the first part of that gameplan will get her taken down by the Olympic medalist Judoka, and the second one simply won't happen. She made remarks about Rousey's standup in the interviews, clearly trying to goad Rousey into standing with her, but why bother? Rousey will pull her to the ground and finish her by arm-mangle-bar.

Barnett will drag Travis Browne to where Barnett is much better: on the ground. See Barnett's fight with the always lethal on the feet Sergei Kharitonov. That guy is devastating on the feet and Barnett quickly took him down with his underrated takedown/drag to the ground game where his smothering mount leads to guys giving up the back/arm-triangle in vain hopes of escaping.
Barnett is light on his feet for a heavyweight (except against Cormier where he looked positively flat) and will not just be plodding around for Browne to bang with in close quarters.

I hate calling something so absolutely, but I see Silva absolutely demolishing Weidman. If you watch that fight he had some flashes of control in the fight with Silva on his back and a questionable deep kneebar, but other than that, the rest of the fight was Silva absolutely toying with Weidman.
I don't see this fight being competitive at all ala Anderson vs Chael 2. Chael had his first round where he got Anderson down...but as we've seen, Anderson only needs a split second on the feet (just ask Belfort, Chael, Griffin, Bonnar et al).

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