Monday, December 9, 2013

US Grappling Submission Only & IBJJ Pro League Aftermath

Did another submission only tournament with the illustrious and always professional folks at US Grappling up in Richmond, Virginia this weekend.

I won the 30+ blue belt under 149, and took 3rd in the adult blue belt under 149 (being lackadaisical during the guard pass will get you triangled).
I took a rare night off from my 2nd job due to necessity. We didn't get back to town until nearly midnight. But I watched a lot of matches, learned a lot, and took home some trinkets.
I won my matches via 2 cross chokes from knee mount and 2 lapel chokes from the back. I was excited for the absolute b/c I was feeling better and better each match, but it was 8:30pm and with a nearly 3 hour drive back, we had to hit the road.
I'm looking forward to their next event in February. If you're anywhere near NC that weekend, come and compete.


As for the IBJJ Pro League from Sunday,
results are below.
I correctly called ALL of the 4 divisions, picking Moraes, Estima, Keenan, and Pe De Pano to win their respective divisions.

Pictures available HERE.
Results listed over at Kid Peligro's Mat.

Moraes certainly made a (re)splash, beating a bracket containing Fernandes, Barate, and Samir Chantre: all main stays and podium level light weights at the elite level.


  1. Hey man, I'm the guy in the second picture with the white gi. I've been a long time follower of your blog, and it's one of my favorites. It was great to meet and get to compete against you, I didn't recognize you until I saw this post today haha.

  2. small world. glad my blog has made it's way around the internet. good match btw, and congrats on winning the bracket.