Monday, December 16, 2013

My Wild MMA Predictions for 2014

Lawler will KO Hendricks and become UFC WW champ.
I haven't heard Hendricks mention once that the reason he lost to GSP was because he didn't shoot for 25 min's and use the Goldberg quoted 42 times, "he's been wrestling since he was 6 years old, blah blah blah".
Hendricks still thinks due to his striking coach from the hype show that he's a great KO artist.
Lawler, will put that to sleep.

If Lawler becomes UFC champ, it will truly be some Cinderella man *&^%.

Anderson Silva beats Weidman then retires and the 185 divisions goes bananas.

Some people out there are mistaken in thinking Weidman has any chance in defeating Silva. Well, he does, the first round when he took Silva down was proof of that. Chael Sonnen is the only man other than Weidman to demonstrate the defeat Anderson game plan in years.
Weidman unfortunately, for his rematch chances, KO'd a showboating Anderson Silva and has been told so for months on end.
Anderson will have laser like precision on full blast this time and will mercilessly destroy Weidman this time around. Then retire.
He has no fights left to fight and I suspect he would have retired had he finished Weidman with whom he was absolutely toying with prior to showboating a second or two too long.

Silva retires, Jacare becomes champ by year's end, if he asks for the title shot.

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