Friday, December 6, 2013

UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt vs Bigfoot/Pezao Hype Video

Y'know, oddly enough, I have a soft spot in my heart for Bigfoot. I never felt like he got the credit he deserved for beating Fedor. Sure, Bigfoot's gotten popped for PED's in the past. But at this point, with TRT, designer drugs, HGH....are we really keeping track?

He did it back when Fedor was still basically the undisputed best. Fedor was coming off of a loss to Fabricio, but even that still felt like a fluke. Fabricio had craftily caught him in a triangle to armbar transition and y'know, we still didn't want to deviate from the invincibility of Fedor.
Watching Bigfoot dominate Fedor positionally was hard(er) to watch.
You might have a revisionist take on that now, but if you're honest, or jump in a time machine and go back, Fedor was considered the best at that time, being in the UFC or not, he was the consensus greatest if not #2 at that point in time.

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