Monday, December 30, 2013

Ronda Rousey is the Floyd Mayweather of MMA: And It's Our Fault

Rousey made a good point in an interview I saw the other day: she hasn't said things like this about any of her other opponents. You get the feeling, for whatever various reason(s), she just really doesn't like Miesha Tate.

That being said, the amount of hype and attention (good and bad) will likely mean that Rousey is a heel to stay.
Miesha was the biggest name for Rousey to fight and Cat Zingano's injury likely was to her career's benefit in the long run as the match with Miesha had natural fuel/hype to burn.

Controversy much like sex sells and Rousey's Body ESPN issue or whatever-it's-called sold well.
The boo's and the questions and interviews following her refusal to shake the beaten Tate's fan base has all the makings of a third fight simply because it can be sold providing most casual fans forget the arm-mangling the first time, and that this fight went nearly 3 rounds.
Though, the UFC just bought up a ton of women fighters from Invicta which I'm sure some will float up to bantamweight as it always the case when TUF casts shake out afterward with some weight class jumping.

Rousey really does have it all right now.
Legitimate skills.
A good smile.
A finishing move that never seems to miss.
A willingness to be controversial unlike say GSP who was always a bit vanilla for many fans taste.

With GSP, Silva, and Cain all either gone for indefinitely or for good or on the shelf due to injury, the UFC needs high profile matches, hence Rousey's quick turnaround.

Aldo and Barao both fight on the same card in a few months. Jon Jones is booked for Teixeira (but at least a rematch with Gustaffson looks plausible). Pettis is also out with injury.

This is the downside of awhile back when I posted that pretty much every UFC belt was going on the line from summer to December of this year. We had a dearth of title fights but with that come injuries and also the fading end of GSP (at least for the time being) and now Anderson who has a long road before him even if he does return. The guy talks a lot of about God so it's hard to say how he'll interpret this twice defeat at the hands of the same guy (once for showboating and once via providence in the form of a leg break).  

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