Saturday, December 21, 2013

Need @ UFC 168 10 Min Preview to Hold You Over Until the Countdown Show?

Despite Dane White's own admission that the Primetime shows are expensive and then I guess by default this card doesn't warrant such a special, the Countdown special airs this coming week.
Having rewatched their original fight, I don't think Weidman has a shot in *&^$.
If you want something to picque your interest/hope this won't be an utter demolition of Weidman before Silva announces his retirement, watch below.
Weidman was in control virtually none of their initial fight other than when he was smothering Silva  a bit on top after a takedown.

Silva had literally NO respect for Weidman's stand-up or overall MMA game and got caught.
I predict a laser-like precise finish this time that will leave no doubt as to who is the greatest Jedi master of MMA at 185 minutes before Silva quits the game for good.

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