Thursday, July 13, 2017

ACB Berkut Announces -60kg/-65kg First Rd Match-Ups

ISAQUE PAIVA (Saikoo) x KIM TERRA (Caio Terra Association)
Barn burner of a match right here! This has all the ingredients to be the most entertaining match of the tournament, with both athletes being fitted with very strong offensive and fluid games. Isaque is coming in after a strong performance at the Sao Paulo BJJ Pro event – which he won, while Terra is well know for being an always game opponent with a competent and versatile game.
LEO VIEIRA (Checkmat) x – GABRIEL MARANGONI (Marangoni JJ/Caio Terra Association)
Unequivocally the biggest moment of the ACBJJ Grand Prix will be when 2x ADCC Champ Leonardo Vieira enters the mat. The 41 year old decided to return to competition this year, making one of the biggest weight cuts of his career since reaching adulthood. An outstanding challenge for the Checkmat team co-founder.
On the other side of the arena will be Gabriel Marangoni, someone who has worked extensively with Vieira, being a former member of Checkmat himself. Gabriel is a cutting edge competitor and will not be an easy prey to the former champion.
Another fantastic match-up between a rising star in the featherweight division, and a former world champion – one of the most important competitors in the sport over the past 10 years. Tanquinho’s style is focused on top pressure and an earthquake proof base, making him almost impossible to sweep. On the other side is Mansur, a student of Leandro Lo who brings a modern style of jiu jitsu with aggressive back takes and foot attacks, a very interesting clash between old-school and modern BJJ.

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