Sunday, July 30, 2017

UFC Set New Low Omitting Facts/Spinning Reality

The moment they mentioned Robbie Lawler's recent wars but curiously omitted Rory MacDonald's two fights with him I kinda got the notion more was to come. I get it, I get it. These guys are the commentary for the company. It would be like an NFL broadcast team mentioning the XFL when it first came out (google it) and mentioning a competing brand. That being said, as a sport that's always been what it is, a whatever works, "as real as it gets," it feels disingenuous when the company men are trying to spin the unspinnable. 
They threw former champ Randamie under the bus for not doing what exactly happened to Evinger. Randamie is moving down because she was never truly a featherweight anyway. And neither is Holm. The woman they want to feed up to Cyborg next. The first two fights for Cyborg in this division aren't even with legitimate featherweights. 

Other lowlights included ruthlessly spinning circles to somehow indirectly mention Jon Jones' indiscretions and hiatus from fighting and the Woodley fight as anything other than "the lowest punch output in a title fight ever." Woodley did little more than backpedal for 25 minutes, though we were saved from the
Thompson rematch treatment where thy kept telling us how "tactical" the fight was. Bruh, please. I know when I'm watching tow guys barely engage for 25 minutes. 

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