Thursday, July 27, 2017

Moizinho Looks for Scorpion Deathlock Against Paulo Miyao

Before it became far more adult soap opera, Pro Wrestling Saturday Mornings was one of my favorite times of the week other than afternoon Kung-Fu Theatre (west coast childhood). 

That being said, watching Moizinho's match with Paulo Miyao I was struck by 1) Moizinho's foot and leg attack sequences and 2) nostalgia.

Though not quite stepped full over, it harkens back to Sting and his Scorpion Deathlock: 

This got me thinking, what were some of the other less high flying Hardy Boys and Stunner and pile driver moves but semi- legitimate submission inspired finishing moves?
Dean Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf 
Brett Hart's Sharpshooter
And lastly, that Estima lock that damaged Paulo's foot. That being said, for all the limping, I wonder if Paulo played it up to tempt guys (like Augusto Mendes) to go for it in later matches? 
Strategy takes many forms. I'm not saying it wasn't damaged but selling it to bait guys wouldn't surprise me. Miyao for all his time spent hunting for the crab ride and back takes and berimbolos has a TON of experience of guys cranking his feet while he achieved superior position. 

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