Monday, July 10, 2017

This Weekend: Bellator Friday, UFC Sunday

I've been singing this tune for awhile, but as of late, for several reasons I find myself plodding thru UFC events and really enjoying Bellator events. This past weeks TUF and 213 were similar.

The TUF Finale ( which lost Dillashaw vs Garbrandt due to injury would have been quite the addition to the card) really only picked up with Taylor vs Lima and Gaethje Vs Johnson. 

UFC 213 had some good scraps with Font, Oleinik, and a thrilling main event, that was fine on its own after Nunes got sick or wussed out depending on who you ask. 

That being said I feel like this weekend's UFC offering other than the Gunnar Nelson bout and Felder vs Stevie Ray. I don't even know the rest of the names on the card. It's a card over in Europe and I guess it's building the brand there, but with two bouts and I guess the ranks of fading stars and names used on that insanely anemic Brazil card that had Holm Vs Correia headlining, it's a lackadaisical effort no matter how you slice it. 

Bellator is giving me Campos, Joe Warren and Kendall Grove and it's on Cable TV. Overall, FightPass is a legitimate bargain for the sheer dearth of combat sports and grappling events on it. I'm curious to see how the UFC and a FOX talk brass tacks when their broadcast deal expires. Does the ownership of the new congomerate make them seem a viable continued commodity? Does Fox continue with the UFC simply so that another network doesn't buy that hunk of sports programming? Bellator is in the rear view mirror with a new deal and backers, and an interesting combo of legit fights, freak show bouts, faded UFC talent, able to put on faded legends.....I'm curious what the next year or two holds for the sport professionally and commercially. 

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