Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Why Claims the Athletic Commission Shouldn't Allow McGregor vs Mayweather Are Bogus

1) absurd mismatches are actually far more par the course in boxing than in MMA. Look at the padded pro records of guys being groomed on boxing where you'll have a prospect with 9 KO's in as many fights taking on some guy who hasn't won a fight in several years and watch the violent head bouncing off the canvas KO that follows. 

2) boxing has a long history of allowing guys with visible signs of pugilistica dementia (cotton mouth, clearly faded reflexes, increasingly erratic out of the ring behavior) continue to fight well past when any casual observer can tell the man has accrued life altering long term damage (watch interview of James Toney's speech patterns or Meldrick Taylor or Mickey Ward, or Arturo Gatti RIP among others). 

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