Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cyborg and the NonDivision

Cyborg's fight felt a lot like a consolation prize. The only title opponent they could round up isnt even in her weight class. Despite what the broadcast team said about Randamie, Randamie was also not really a 145'er and pointed to the obvious Cyborg has been on hormones or whatever else in her career and stepped down rather than fight a cheater. So why is there a division? Why am I watching a title fight that is a complete mismatch and literally no one else exists to take the fight? The broadcast team was really reaching for worthwhile commentary with this one as it was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. Evinger to her credit fared far better than most but lacked the grappling prowess to keep Cyborg down or change levels with a dynamic takedown. I don't know that anyone's interested in Cyborg's title defense as most of us got our fill in her career of her busting up overmatched/undersized opponents. 

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