Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BJJ Scout - Cormier vs Jones - Clinch Fighting Preview/Analysis

Dude is on fire this week (if it even is someone who identifies as male...). I've posted a ton about this DC/Jon Jones fight but frankly, I haven't been this excited for a rematch or a title fight or a unification bout in......I couldn't even tell you how long. BJJ Scout as always shows a narrative of the fight/stylistic match-up which I had not previously noted.

Personally, I noticed that in a larger context, either DC abandoned (I doubt it) or Jones adjusted (likely) to DC's head control after the first couple rounds. That being said, it's easy to forget that DC was coming down to LHW and had not fought 5 rounds at that weight before. Early on, especially, DC had to strictly diet to reach LHW because of his weight cutting experience/effects after the Olympics. The real question is, how much more mileage does DC have? Jon Jones' inactivity is a concern but moreso because of how focused or unfocused he has been with no looming fights (other than several he was pulled from for various indiscretions. Did the window of time where Jones' physical abilities and talent and optimal age range pass ala Muhammad Ali after his time spent incarcerated? Not to say that either man is now washed up or done, but with Ali there were some notable changes to be sure. I always chalked up the loss in the first fight to DC's fatigue setting in + Jones' ability to adjust. I also forgot until I rewatched the fight just how scrappy a fight it was. I mean, they really put it one one another for 5 rounds. It concerns me that DC has had as many fights go the championship distance as he has since winning the belt (ala it may have caught up with Dominic Cruz - not to mention an insane injury layoff period)......but we'll see. I promise this is probably the last DC/Jones post until the actual fight.

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