Monday, July 31, 2017

Cyborg to fight Holm? The featherweight division that really isn't

It's all well and good I guess, minus the facts that Holm is 1-3 in her past 4 and has no real problem making 135 as evidenced by her last several opponents. Listening to the commentary team blast Randamie was a joke as neither Holm nor Randamie who fought for the "featherweight" belt are actually in that weight class, then when Cyborg lines up (who almost dies to make 140 Bc I bet she walks around north of 165), wants to fight for it, Randamie steps down. Can't say I blame her. So Randamie is a coward for stepping down (all but in those words expressed by the company men Saturday night) for not defending a belt the UFC's new management cobbled together with Holm (on a losing streak) and Randamie (who can also make 135). 
Hey guys, I also have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you....trying to sell these fights slapped together with mismatched divisions against the thinnest of opposition is pitiful. "As real as it gets"?
The UFC's true branding for a long time
has been that they have the best of the best and would actively recruit as such. Recruit and retain. Bellator has made gains as a result of the relaxing of this standard (and a greater willingness to make freak show fights, tho' the UFC with its Kimbo, CM Punk, et al isn't entry above it either). Now the UFC has to double down on convincing us these match-ups are legit. Problem is....anyone watching Evinger was not more than anyone watching Woodley jog for 5 rounds was convinced he's the best in the world. 

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