Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Videodrome Tuesday - Justin Gaethje: UFC Origins/Road to the Octagon

Superstar brewing.....add one part great origin story sprinkled with words like "work ethic" "willpower" "knock out or get knocked out" "coal miner father".....add several parts highlight reel finishes, add one part stand n' bang UFC debut over solid ranked opponent....add one part Americana folk background...I liken it to the meteoric rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin in  pro wrestling....it's all the pieces necessary to become a true "needle mover" as the UFC brass is like to say since Conor McGregor showed the kind of money there is to be made.

America loves the rags to riches, pull yourself up by your bootstraps narrative. We worship it. If you don't live in LA, NYC, or Miami, you can easily forget what rural America looks like an in fact represents the vast majority of our landmass.
If the UFC can't turn this guy into a household name in MMA it's simply due to a lack of effort. I find it impossible to believe the guy won't find traction unless it's due to a lack of effort.

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