Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Abu Dhabi World Pro 2013 Championship Brackets and Predictions

Lest ye have forgotten, the Abu Dhabi World Pro (which some guys skip the Pans to focus on preparing for is this weekend....and the brackets are up!

Black Belt -
70kg - I forsee a Tanquinho/Cobrinha final with Cobrinha pulling it out by a sweep.
76kg - I forsee a Leandro Lo/Satoshi Souza finale with Souza's more high octane style winning by a sweep or advantage
82kg - unavailable (?)
88kg - I see a thrilling Tarsis Humphreys/Andre Galvao thrilling semifinal with Galvao edging him out then facing Romulo who should win his half of the bracket with relative certainty. With it being a 6 minute match, I think Romulo pulls it out due to an easier half of the bracket.
94kg - Rodolfo vs Alancar for the semifinal and the winner of the other half of the bracket will get crushed in the final
-100kg - Very, very Likely Bruno Bastos and Antonio Braga Neto face off in the final and I'll take Neto as the winner, but Gabriel Rocha could fight his way to the final where I still think he'd lose to Braga Neto
+100kg - No reason to think Nascimento will stop the perpetually gaining momentum of Buchecha who should win this with his ultra pressure/aggressive guard passing style barring any momentary lapses in judgment or focus, but with 6 minute matches, I find that unlikely. The real joy would be an Absolute match-up between Rodolfo and Buchecha with a super high octane 6 minute match.

Fingers crossed!

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