Monday, April 15, 2013

The Great Disqualification Debate

For those not in the the Abu Dhabi World Pro (arguably one of the top 3 sport Jiu-Jitsu events of the circuit, the referee double disqualified Keenan Cornelius and Paulo Miyao for passivity in the final of the brown belt absolute.

Mainly through the informal process of reading my newsfood on facebook, I've seen many people in support of the double DQ to force less of the footsie/man scissor ankle grab for coming up with 2 minutes left and getting the "sweep" or advantage points then stalling out in 50/50 type business.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu finds itself in the midst of several considerations:

- Do we allow the sport jiu-jitsu aspect to evolve as naturally as possible which at the highest levels absolutely includes things like sitting down at the start of a match, fighting for a sweep or advantage and grinding out the position for the win.
- Do we allow the sport aspect to move away from the self-defense spirit of the original martial art and disallow positions (leg/knee reap) that to various degrees will allow for positions like the 50/50 or inverted guard et cetera.
- Do we adopt a perhaps more visually layman friendly, aggressive style of competition with emphasis on takedowns and shorter match durations?
- Do we attempt to make the sport more professional in the attempt to join the Olympics?
- Do we as a sport even want to join the Olympics and then have the IOC dictate the terms and style of play to garner viewers/ratings and what it's really about which is money?

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