Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tanquinho Beats Cobrinha at Abu Dhabi World Pro: The Devil is in the Details

Over at Graciemag:

 ..."Cobrinha is very dangerous when he takes the cross sleeve and I knew I couldn’t let him make this grip at all. ...I know his game well and I know the danger when he grips the cross sleeve."

"My strategy was to get ahead, sweeping or taking him down. And when I was on top, the tactic was to break his cross grip all the time and look for spaces to pass. In the end, it worked out (laughs). Cobrinha has a very good base and it is also always difficult to sweep him. People are used to seeing me fighting more on top and think I have no guard, but at the gym I train much more bottom than on top. So I could sweep and win."
"I learned that you should believe in yourself from beginning to the end in all fights. And to have enough confidence in your game is essential to train and train. That is the simple secret of success."

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