Thursday, April 18, 2013

BJJ Newsroom: Drysdale's 6th MMA win, Metamoris Judging, Abu Dhabi DQ, and Costha Cicero HL

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Robert Drysdale notched his 6th professional MMA win this weekend over DJ Linderman (the guy last seen getting KTFO by Anthony Johnson at WSOF on NBC Sports).
    - Drysdale gets him down within a minute from a bodylock takedown off the cage, gets to mount, quarter mount, transitions to the back and sinks the mata leao at roughly 2 minutes into the match. Impressive work, sir.

   In a very small nut shell he had this to say: "Cases of lack of combativeness must always be punished strictly and all referees are trained for that.”
To quote Shakespeare, "brevity is the soul of wit."

Where champions come from nothing and strive to succeed and escape: Costha Cicero:


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