Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Braulio Talks Metamoris Pro II and Rodolfo

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"Will the match be in Gi or No Gi?
It will be in Gi."
"Tell us about your opponent. Have you ever went against with Rodolfo Vieira?
I had fought him and lost to him by one advantage at the Worlds Pro finals couple of years ago."
"Tells us how you got into the fight card. How did it all come together? I remember people posting something in clamoring that you should be a part of it.
I got a phone call from Ralek Gracie asking me if I would be interested on fghting a top guy that it would make the crowd go nuts. I said, “of course.” Then came the name and I’m happy to be fighting Rodolfo. He is such  a classy guy.

Let’s talk about your own predictions.  So Kron or Aioki for the main event. Who has your vote?
I think Kron will have the edge for that fight. Aoki is very flexible, but Kron has more control plus he is much heavier."

FYI, Braulio faces Xande Ribeiro at the Copa Podio a month before in May, down in Brazil.


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