Tuesday, April 2, 2013

UFC on Fuel TV 9 (Intercontinental Belt) Preview & Invicta 5 FC: Video Preview

.....or, it's more like this:
But honestly, this is basically the showdown between the two best European imports to the UFC:

On that mixed martial arts note, MMAMania.com has some predictions for those gambling-inclined of you out there wishing to be in the know when you bet your buddy a box of Franzia or a 6 pack of Miller Lite while day drinking during the Swedish-time broadcast of UFC on Fuel TV 9 this weekend (230pm sharp, I believe). The prelims, sadly, begin broadcasting at 1030am, but hey, you were in college once, or hung out with people in college and tailgated, what's a little pre-noon indulgence?

The UFC hasn't seemed concerned about hyping a card which has a good shot of putting Gustafsson as next in line for a title shot as he has some good looking highlight reels since getting subbed by Phil Davis (you forgot, didn't you?).
IN fact, this is the closest thing to a preview they've put out, not much more than a commercial. There are some great stylistic match-ups on this card with the likes of:
From MMAJunkie.com - "
PRELIMINARY CARD (Facebook, 10:30 a.m. ET)

For those who like and/or are willing to watch women punch one another in the face in the name of egalitarianism or you just like seeing the behemoth that is Cris Cyborg batter other less testosterone-fueled women, Invicta is your ticket and it's on this weekend.


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