Friday, April 5, 2013

TMA/Anti-Grappling Friday

So....for those who don't know, I actually got my start in Martial Arts doing Tae Kwon Do for a trial period in middle school.
I still remember being sternly chastised for striking my opponent in the face.
It occurred to me...even at a young age....that, well, every fight I'd seen or been in, people at least tried to hit one another cleanly in the face.

Fast forward to college, and I began taking wing chun kung-fu.
I still think if I had to do a TMA and fight an untrained opponent, it's not bad.
That being said...the dearth of videos on youtube whereby Wing Chun proponents invent what they think will help them avoid grappling remains a source of perpetual amusement.
It's pretty obvious the vast majority of things they come up with are done so with other people who have either a) not wrestled, done jiu-jitsu, or judo OR b) would rather drill than work out full speed sparring/contact to see if the deadly techniques "for the streets" work like they claim.

At any rate, enjoy:

En Espanol!:

Aaaaand, in case you had any doubts, here's some old school wing chun in MMA:

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