Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ADCC Rio Trials Results and Description (& Under 66kg Final Video)

ADCC Rio Trials confirms some of the berths for the upcoming ADCC in China:

"Up to 66kg: João Miyao beat Marcio André by decision
After a great match, the purple belt Marcio André (Nova União) and brown belt João Miyao (Cicero Costha) made a highly technical and strategic final. After a good few seconds of attempts of takedowns on both sides, Marcio was the first to pull for his guard, then João sat down to work his berimbolo. Marcio defended with style all attempts of submissions in the foot and knee. The fight went a good deal of time with both players sitting down, trying sweeps and submission attacks on the ankle and knee. The fight ended 0-0 and went to the extra time of four minutes. The athletes rolled out of the mats with their feet twisted, but the score remained zero. After a quick conference between the referee and the table, the victory went to João Miyao.

Up to 77kg: Leozada Nogueira beat Victor Silvério with a guillotine
The category was strong, with names like Murilo Santana, Edson Diniz and Carlo Prater, but after a series of good fights, the finalists were Victor Silverio (GFTeam) and Leonardo “Leozada” Nogueira (Pequeno). Brother of Shooto and WEC Alexandre Pequeno, Leonardo was one of the most technical of the championship with an explosive back defense and a guillotine in automatic mode. In the final, the brown belt Victor began a mile per minute, took the fight down and took the back. However, he couldn’t hold Nogueira there, or end the match. Leonardo then reacted, and using an attempt by Silverio, used the guillotine to submit and get the ticket. Alexandre Pequeno, who didn’t compete since he was giving seminars in Mexico, must have liked it.
Up to 88kg: Claudio Calasans beat Paulo Baraúna by 3-0
After a series of tough fights, like the semifinal with Delson Pé de Chumbo who won with a leglock, Claudio Calasans (Atos) faced the MMA ace Paulo Baraúna (Alliance) in the final. The fight was mostly on the feet. Calasans began gripping on the neck and working on Paulo’s foot to take him down. Baraúna managed to get up and keep the fight standing up again. Then, magically, the good judoka Calasans shot on, slipped to the back and turned into a backpack on the Alliance’s fighter back. The rear naked choke didn’t come, but the points (3, according to ADCC) yes. Calasans is going to China, too.
Up to 99kg: João Gabriel Rocha submitted Cristiano Titi on the back
After a series of opponents were submitted along the way, João Gabriel Rocha (Soul Fighters) and Cristiano Lazzarini (Gracie Barra) made a final of giants. João pulled the opponent to his guard, trying his sweep game. Titi was well balanced and trying to pass the guard, until João managed to slip away and apply the rear naked choke. “Gee, I’m a black belt for four months, I’m thrilled,” he said.
Above 99kg: Rodrigo Cavaca submitted Kitner Mendonça with a gogoplata
With the deadliest guard in the tournament, Rodrigo Cavaca (CheckMat) went to the final against Kitner Mendonça (Ryan Gracie), looking to apply more of his triangles or knee locks. After the referee initiated the fight, Rodrigo automatically sat to guard and Kitner was up, trying to put pressure to pass. Cavaca held the opponent with his hand pushing the shoulders and making good grips on Kitner’s arms. And then came the spectacular submission. When Kitner threw his weight to pass the guard, Cavaca raised his shin, pressed the neck with his hand and closed the fight, and the event, with a beautiful gogoplata."

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