Friday, April 26, 2013

Social Media News BS of the Day: Fake Twitter Fans of Famous(?) MMA Fighters

The social media conspiracy theorist in me (This is what the world has come to? When the aliens or Galactus or Omnipotus come and ask me why they should not destroy the world....I will tell them to go ahead and obliterate it all), suspects that the managers of these guys have hired some assistants or starving college graduates living on a friend's couch or back in their high school bedroom to shall we say "exaggerate" their fighter's online profile with fake handles and followers much like Lloyd Irvin's floods the internet with SEO to hide news stories about him and rape.

This may seem ridiculous (it is) but as per the age of social media and digital purgatory in which we now reside, hype can be generated in all kinds of new and absurd ways.


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