Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UFC on FOX 7: The Hangover

Having fought before, Sunday morning after a fight is a tough day.
You're beaten up, you're sore, your face is usually a bit tender at best and at worst your lips are busted, a nose is broken or an eye is swollen shut.

At any rate, in the professional ranks there are more things to add to that hangover: moving down the totem pole, not fighting on the main card or the live broadcast (which costs sponsorship money) and the general malaise of armchair experts like yours truly and the even more armchair experts that haven't fought nor even trained Jiu-Jitsu or some combat related sport.

At any rate, the UFC on FOX 7 is no exception:

Gilbert Melendez - lost an arguable decision. Fight could have gone either way with a judge seeing a round or so different and he'd be wearing the strap, finally bringing the UFC gold to Caesar Gracie and co.

Daniel Cormier - had the biggest stage available on network TV to make a splash and failed to put away the historically proven to be stoppable Frank Mir. IN fact, Cormier is stylistically exactly the type of fighter to put Frank Mir away.

Frank Mir - has lost to most of the top tier guys he's fought as of late and losing to a UFC debuting fighter (D. Cormier or not) does not help his visibility...but he is a name, with a track record in the UFC who tends to pull out a win just when he's facing the executioner's axe/pink slip.

Nate Diaz - stopped for the first time in his UFC career and now, is coming off of two losses: a decisive loss to Ben Henderson and a TKO stoppage by head kick + punches.

Ramsey Nijem - momentum built from coming off of TUF derailed by losing to a relative unknown to most MMA fans. IN the long run, this will give him add'l time to build his resume/sharpen his tools to perhaps challenge for the belt down the road. A work in progress he is.

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