Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday's MMA Multimedia Mailbag: UFC 159 Injury Edition, UFC 160 "Why is Bigfoot getting a title shot against Cain?" Edition

I was working at my other job Saturday night and missed the fights. I have *ahem* watched another broadcast and for all the memes and jokes about the UFC gypsy curse cancelling fights, this event had everything from hospitalization due to excessive weight cutting to egregious eye pokes to thumbs spraining(?) to toes falling victim to compound fractures occurring mid-fight.
Which is worse, a fight that might have been or an outcome to a fight in progress that may or may not have been based on the previous action?
At any rate, on to the highlights so you can kill some time before those TPS reports are due and after that important panel meeting on synergy and work flow.

Jon Jones makes short work of the inimitable Chael Sonnen despite the already overdone grusomo injury:

Michael Bisping proves the "sh$7 talk to Bisping and lose" curse which haunted Jorge Rivera among others:

In case you needed some hilarious wtf?! matchmaking news for your day, Bigfoot/Pezao Silva is going to rematch Cain Velasquez (this time for the belt).

You may or may  not remember the axe murder style bloodbath Velasquez put on Bigfoot for about a round or maybe and a half the last time they fought (which wasn't for the belt). This fight is basically a toss up softball (sorry Pezao) for Cain to keep him active, headline a PPV, and let Dos Santos sort out his divorce or whatever else he claims led to his off night battering at the hands of a guy he previously stopped inside of a round:


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