Thursday, January 2, 2014

BJJ Scout: GSP vs Hendricks Takedown Study (Move over John Danaher)

Well, GSP has retired indefinitely. Robbie Lawler will fight for the belt. Anderson Silva's leg snapped and may end his career. Cain Velasquez is on the shelf until later this year.

It's been an end to 2013 that really could only happen in the hallowed locker rooms of combat sports.
This really, really good guy in kickboxing/muay thai lost that no one thought would lose ever. Pac-man got knocked out. Judo added more rule changes. Well, some things aren't a surprise. Anyhow, on to starting the new year!

Got this from, GSP should've added BJJ Scout to his coaching staff along with Danaher.

GSP Takedown Study:


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