Monday, January 20, 2014

Nick Schultz Booted from World Grappling Circuit Tournament this past weekend

This will likely become a touchstone of controversy, but in short, Nick Schultz of the Maldonado/Schultz rape trial was booted form a tournament in Texas this past weekend.
The immediate cry by some will be that they were not convicted.
Lloyd Irvin, having laid low for a bit, is back semi in the spotlight/cornering Mike Easton at the UFC last week for one.

My response, is that, like any business, the circuit has the right to refuse entry/service/whatever to anyone whom they choose. If this then incurs the wrath of any potential consumers, then that is their concern as a business.

Everyone will feel entitled to an opinion about this one, but what's not in question nor challenged is that Maldonado/Schultz had sex with a teammate so drunk she could barely walk then left her in a parking deck while it was below freezing out in downtown on NYE.

Even if you lend disbelieve a sexual assault occurred, it's hard to give them a pass on that.
As with any business, it's their decision and I support them. Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and other sports have codes of conduct et cetera and I'm surprised but also glad they chose to make the decision which may spark some blowback.

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