Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag: UFC on FOX 10 & WSOF 8 Video Highlights

Interesting stuff coming up on this card. Gonzaga has always choked when the belt or another high profile fight was on his plate. I say that and at the same time I'm a huge fan of Gonzaga. It's been tough as he either shows up and blows guys away or gets murked in devastated fashion. Henderson: how far he's fallen off the casual fans radar once he lost by quick armbar to Pettis. For a guy with a number of title defenses(close decisions arguably) I still think he got a raw deal in how quickly he was kicked to the curb. Word out of Cerrone's mouth is that he simply needs a fight against whoever to make money because he's broke. The crazy part of his personality, by his own admission may be running the show. He's another guy that's had great fights with Henderson, then come out and completely blown it against Nate Diaz from bell to bell. I'm interested to see what version of several of the guys on this card shows up. WSOF 8: They have a lightweight champion now, you guys. A guy that missed weight laughably and numerous times knocked out a guy who in the past viciously stomped an opponent despite the referee's attempts to stop the fight. You know a fight sucked when one of the commentators mentions how difficult it must have been to find a highlight moment from the 3 round affair: Tough watching Macaco lose this one in such clear fashion. Macaco will always be a legend in my heart for his Vale Tudo bouts with Pele down in Brazil. Whatever people paid to see this event live, they definitely got their money's worth.

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