Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MMA Non-Journalism on Slow Days: Let's Get Way Ahead of Ourselves! Silva's Handlers Want GSP Upon Return (Or Not)

If this post doesn't scream nameless-grab-for-website-traffic, I don't know what does.

The article headline sounds good, but if you read the actual interview transcript, it's more like a response to a "hey, back when Silva hadn't lost twice in a row, and GSP wasn't indefinitely retired, and both guys were looking nigh unbeatable," that fight was a good idea, right?

And the obvious reply was "yes".
"'Man, if we were able to pull something like that off , it would be a win-win for everybody — the fans, the UFC,” Soares said in a separate interview.I think that would be awesome.'"

The above is part of the problem with what passes for "journalism" in MMA reporting.
A sort of related statement kind of about the topic with an attention, website-driving traffic metatag/headline.

Blasé, blasé.

MMA finds itself struggling to present what can loosely be purported as actual news and information, whilst non-employing professionals and meanwhile all wanting some crumbs from the UFC.
We've all seen instances of the major MMA-grappling news sites conveniently avoiding certain stories or being wary of angering the bald father Dana White.

Well, since I don't plan on ever getting free tickets to a UFC event or sitting cageside, I'll continue being able to say what I like about the UFC and other MMA outfits.



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