Monday, January 20, 2014

Metamoris III - Card Announced - March 29th

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Glad to see Brendan Schaub-Run-Gate wasn't the death of a pro level grappling event.

Eddie Bravo and Royler throw down. Royler out to prove Bravo's win a million years ago was a fluke. Bravo to prove it wasn't a fluke. Bravo went on to market and profit from rubber guard et cetera.
I'll say this, Eddie Bravo is not a slouch. A lot of critics confuse dislike for 10th planet marketing or affiliates with doubting Bravo's skills.
Watch his rolling with Marcelo Garcia as proof.
It was eye opening for me. People may write off Eddie Bravo, but anyone who can hang and roll hard with Marcelo the way he does is impressive.

Rafa vs Clark will be the Berimbolo versus the Omoplata.
Keenan Faces a heavyweight Black Belt with a seriously impressive resume. I'm curious whether it's go or NoGi.
I'm glad to see Dean Lister competing as he'll bring some leg lock flair to the event.
Gui will bring his passing pressure to Samir Chantre.
Maxwell is a perennial badass in his division and i'll be interesting to see how the newly minted black belt Sean Roberts handles the challenge.

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