Friday, January 17, 2014

Nostalgia Friday: An Old Favorite Takedown of Mine Before it was Banned in Judo

Kibisu Gaeshi is the ankle pick. As it's shown below, it's set up with a nice kouchi gake (blocking, rather than sweeping motion). This was an old tried and true tactic of mine against bent over players and guys flat on their feet. It was also a great way to get your opponent to turn out and initiate mat work/newaza.
I miss the days before all leg attacks were banned. When the ankle pick, the double leg, and the big pick-ups made Judo the wild west of takedowns.

The influence of so many different styles of folk wrestling and styles of play from various countries truly made it one of the most dynamic styles of grappling to watch.

With the added change that the top 25 players in the world go, rather than countries qualifying, I worry that Judo will become one of those sports that only a few powerhouse nations truly excel in and send groups of competitors.

The variety of throwing and styles of gripping always made Judo a blast to watch, not so much. It's sad that this wealth of takedowns will no longer truly exist in competitive Judo and oddly enough, the wild west of takedowns is now to be found in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with very limited rules on gripping and takedowns/throws.

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