Friday, January 10, 2014

Judo Friday: Watch 3 Japanese World Champions March @ Rio 2013 Judo World Championships

As I've stated before, I'm very interested to watch someone play/compete their way through their bracket at an elite level tournament. Everyone wants to watch the finals and the medal matches.

It's like watching and looking at an entire campaign rather than one decisive victory. Excellence has to come out on top over the long haul, not just during an individual match.

Came across 3 collections of Naohisa Takato (60kg), Masashi Ebinuma (66kg) , and Shohei Ono (73kg) as they each march toward winning their respective black belt gold medal/world championships in Rio in 2013.

In Judo there are no skill divisions save basically black belt and then everyone else. There is non-elite and elite. That's it. There is a master's division, but in terms of the "adult" division, there are only two skill divisions to cover all of the belts.

Of the 3, Shohei seemed to absolutely demolish his bracket (granted, not all of his matches are included on his compliation, but of the3 included, he runs roughshod over the competition in what almost seems like a complete mismatch each time.

He was later suspended from competition for physically abusing teammates (a considerable feat with regards to how strenuous the Japanese teams train).

At any rate, enjoy.
Naohisa Takato

Masashi Ebinuma

Shohei Ono

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