Friday, January 31, 2014

UFC 169: My Picks & Prognostications Paired with Gifs from The Office

How I felt when I read Urijah Faber was getting another title shot/Dominic Cruz was out with an injury.

Saturday is a big day in combat sports: the UFC takes place in New Jersey, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Copa Podio takes place in Brazil. The Judo Paris Grand Prix takes place in France.
I'll be competing at the US Grappling Submission Only in Greensboro.

Somehow, they always schedule all these things for the same day so that I can never see or be a part of more than 1 or 2. I took the night off from my second job to watch the UFC after I finish competing at the Submission Only.

On to the picks and wild guesses based on little more than instinct and the google search engine!

Barao should win this fight. He was better than Faber virtually everywhere last time they fought and I see no reason why that will change. Historically, Faber just is not a title fight performer.
I see why he took the fight? It's last minute, if he loses it's not like he "lost" because he can say it was last minute with 3 weeks to prep.
If he wins, well, then the upside is obvious.

Barao by slightly more convincing decision over 5 rounds.

Aldo probably won't let Lamas out of the second round. Aldo's been patient to put guys away as of late, opting to simply put them down with leg kicks and combinations. For some reason, the look on Aldo's face at the weigh-ins keeps coming to me.
Aldo via 3rd round stoppage.

Frank Mir....Alistair Overeem...both guys with impressive-well, no, wait, Frank Mir has some impressive wins, sort of. Overeem has faltered whenever he's graduated to the A leagues.
Unfortunately for Mir, he has looked very gun shy in his last few fights and has nary even looked to shoot. The longer this fight is on the feet, the worse it goes for Mir. I just don't know if Mir will get Overeem down which means the fight can only go one way.
I don't see Mir pulling a Travis Browne and weathering a storm that will leave Overeem gassed and broken and ready to quit.
Overeem by bloody, decisive, soul-crushing stoppage in round 2.

John Lineker, I can't really call you a flyweight because you haven't made the weight 3 times in UFC appearances. Make the weight or move up a division, bro. Seriously. This isn't Ultimate Parking Lot Championship. Show up, make the weight or reside in another weight class. I see no reason why he won't beat Ali Bagautinov just based on having several more UFC fights worth of experience.
Lineker by close 3 round decision.

Jamie Varner, unless he gets old over night, (he's got some mileage on him from years fighting) should win this bout handily. Varner has good hands, good wrestling, and comes prepared to win. He moves forward and has the clear cut above of experience whereas Trujillo's gone 2-1-1 in 4 UFC appearances.
Varner by 2 round stoppage.
"Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber
for bantamweight title
Jose Aldo vs. Ricardo Lamas
for featherweight title

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