Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag: UFC on FOX 10 Video Highlights Edition/"Guaranteed" Title Shot/Contendership blah blah blah....

^ that pretty much clears up any confusion on the subject.....

Well, the UFC on FOX 10 occurred.

I went 7-4 for my overall predictions, correctly picking Henderson, Wineland, Hugo Viani, Criuckshank, Sullivan, and Krylov. Much like Gonzaga who can be a be a world beater on one night and a plodding target other nights, I either picked fights almost exactly right (Stephens by Unanimous Decision) or was way off (I thought Adriano might pick up a decision win over a Cerrone riding in his RV across the United States blowing money like a man with a bag of bananas in a monkey brothel).
Henderson's title shot disappeared as soon as the Baldfather got up out of his seat at the close of the hotly contested 5 round affair. TJ Grant is still out with brain damage problems (let's call it what it is) and despite Benson's roost at the top of the contender list, he has two losses to Anthony Pettis on his resume (though, a loss never really stopped Urijah Faber from getting 14 title shots or however many it is - see next Saturday night).

Gonzaga faded over three rounds and got picked apart by a better athlete.
Josh Thomson blew his title shot by fighting the grinder/decision winner 3 of 5 rounds Ben "Decision" Henderson. Thomson should have held out rather than drop a fight to a guy who wins exactly the kind of fight he won Saturday - 3 out of 5 rounds depending on who you ask.

Alex Caceres beat a UFC-debuting fighter which will be overshadowed by the fact that it was an entertaining fight by a guy with only 10 prior professional mma bouts, and Caceres who no one expected much out of following his stint on TUF. Despite the fact that I have to start giving Caceres props b/c he now has something like 4 or 5 UFC wins, he looked very beatable at times in a bout with a guy who was debut'ing in the big show. Caceres is still very much a work in progress. Pettis, to his credit, looked good for a UFC debut against a guy with a much, much bigger/longer frame.

Cerrone got a payday by knocking out a guy with one UFC fight to his credit.

Eddie Wineland looked a bit off to start the night in round 1, but that blistering right hand of his dialed in over time, and eventually Jabouin wilted under the pressure and Wineland's control of the distance. I actually enjoyed the prelims more than the main card and was glad to catch them before I headed into work at my other job.


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