Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My (Non)Expert Opinion on the Association of Ringside Physicians & Their Position

Having had ringside physicians who smelled of alcohol on their breath while conducting pre-fight physicals, I place them somewhat in the category of the boxing/athletic commissions which I have also had the distinct pleasure of interacting with in different states either as a fighter or as a corner for someone else who was fighting.
Are these the same guys who have watched for years as fighters showed up emaciated and dehyrdrated, cut weight, then reappeared the following day having ballooned up to 25 lb's more in weight?
Spare me the "we're concerned angle".
There must be another angle, and what that is, I am uncertain.
But "fighter health" is hardly a plausible one if we're consistent in our examination of the other practices allowed in combat sports.
Are they pushing for stricter drug testing? For testing that will catch micro dosing for Testosterone? The reality is that you should watch the BALCO/Joe Rogan Podcast episode to really hear about how steroid testing has evolved and changed to have your mind blown.

A good look at the website for the "Association of Ringside Physicians"

Here's the outline of the content on the exam.

As to how anyone with a medical license is now an expert on TRT or hypogonadism is beyond me, but hey, they made a public statement. That means something, I guess.  

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