Tuesday, January 28, 2014

IBJJF 2014 Europeans - Legal Knee Reap/DLR + Underhook ?

The premise against the knee reap is that it drives against the outside of the knee inward.
This is the driving force/motion behind the heel hook. The torque, or twisting motion against the knee joint is destructive.
You'll notice it applied by Caio Terra against Koji Shibamoto at the roughly 2 minute mark in the video.

Coming back from ACL surgery, I did not like the pressure of the DLR/Berimbolo against my knees and thus adopted guard passing with my hand posted Leandro Lo style against the DLR hook and will avoid that position at all costs, which means I must be aware of my opponents inverting or spinning inside to deep half/RDLR/inverting et cetera, but that's the battle I fight b/c the pressure of the DLR/berimbolo when applied is so great, I've yet to see much good come from fighting it after it is set.

The premise behind allowing the Berimbolo and other moves is that I can concede the sweep to alleviate the pressure, but I could almost apply the same logic to the heel hook.
Especially with the underhooking grip Caio has with his right arm.
As someone who's had knee reconstruction, I know very well the pressure and feel of a knee reap motion when applied to my knees.
This isn't a post to bash Caio or anyone else, they exist within the rules as outlined by the governing body of the competition in which they enter, but it's the kind of move that when applied by a long legged or flex and bust out style force will inevitablylead to some ACL tears out there, mark my words. Especially if the person to whom it is being done is unaware of the position in which their leg/knee joint now resides.

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