Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today's Jiu-Jitsu To Do List/Upcoming Tournaments

February 1st - Competing at the US Grappling Submission Only this Saturday at purple belt for the first time. 

February 15th - Competing at the Virginia Open in Judo at black belt.

February 22nd - Considering very seriously doing the ADCC Nationals in Virginia Beach.

With Judo tournament season looming, I'm back adding Olympic lifts and sprints to my training regimen. I'm also far more consistent with my diet, cutting out almost all eating out/restaurants minus the occasional tacos or sushi. I'll splurge sometimes and get some chocolate cookies at whole foods.

It takes about 2-3 weeks after adding Olympic lifts and sprints to when I can then add morning training several times a week to my usual 6 days a week without a serious retrograde in performance.
I used to blindly train as hard as possible every day but could only grind out perhaps 4 days in a row.
On average, I get anywhere from 1-3 Judo training sessions per week & 6 Jiu-Jitsu sessions per week.

Our Judo club is small and I wish we had more serious competitors and members in general, but we perform well at the state level and we make the most of what we have often placing for team points with only a handful of competitors,

Add some of the following people to my instagram
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Finish watching the IBJJF 2014 Euros

Review of divisional winners at the 2014 Euros

Look at combination of sit-up sweep as it fits with my open guard game as a response to the knee through/RDLR counter by guys trying to knee through/cut through pass/smash into me

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