Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bellator Freakshow Backlash: Expected Yet Blase

Your facebook newsfeed is probably like mine/full of Bellator backlash. The armchair quarterbacks are full of comments ridiculing fights they freely chose to tune in to watch and had all kinds of expectations of being terrible then now bask in the revelry of leveling backlash and blah blah whatever. 
News alert: you tune into see a car wreck, it may not unfold exactly as you'd like nor expect. If you tuned in to watch Akebono vs Royce or Matt Hughes vs Renzo, you knew what you're tuning in to see and to complain after the should fall on deaf ears. 
It feels largely disingenuous to hear complaining about any possible way it turned out after freely tuning in to watch Kimbo vs Dada or two 50 year old men fight no matter who they are or what they once did. It was many things: spectacle, freakshow, nostalgia, awkward....many adjectives apply. 
Complaining about it post hoc after tuning in to watch it, however, reminds me of the Hunter S. Thompson quote: "buy the ticket, take the ride."
Perhaps, it's like going to the circus and being mad you had to watch clowns? I loved the event, enjoyed the whole of it. I'm unsurprised by the backlash but that makes it no less eye-roll-inducing. 

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