Saturday, February 20, 2016

UFC Battle Lines Hype Video: Bisping Unimpressed by Silva's Victim Card

As it draws closer, and I consider some of the extraneous stuff, I'm kinda excited about Bisping vs Silva. Initially I could have cared less, fading Silva faces a guy who's complained about facing cheaters? That being said, my stance has softened. With some many fresh faces in the UFC, it's good to see old story lines resolve and narratives with back story. I'm coming to terms with the imperfect realities of fighters at the tail end of their career and above all that I like Bisping taking Anderson Silva to task for his steroid suspension.

If you go two miles in the forest, you have to go two miles to come out.
I think as you achieve notoriety, you bask in that glory, and to blow it by testing positive, well, you deserve that backlash. He was a hero to a lot of people for a long time, and to play the victim card now comes across very disingenuous at best and hypocritical at worst.

It's also interesting to see Ed Soares play the good guy with some nice editing of him with Anderson's kids. Mix in Anderson acting confused like Job when God struck him down with a positive steroid test "why has this happened to me?"
I rolled my eyes quite a few times during this very selectively edited piece and the complete ignoring of his "bout" with Nick Diaz (a terrible fight by both guys who would go on to failed for banned substances.

I also see the common hype version of hinting why now things will be different when you overlook the reality that Anderson hasn't won a fight in nearly 3 years. It's a decent job looking to un-villify Anderson after his fall from grace for failing for multiple banned substances.

I appreciate Bisping's unapologetically brash and honest approach. Honestly, I'd be *&^%ing salty having faced what could easily be perceived as a ton of cheaters in a sport where your career and physical health is on the line every time in the cage and in training camp.

You can watch the special below, but if your eyes are weary from rolling into the back of your head afterward, don't say I didn't warn you. I'll be tuned in next Saturday to watch after I compete (*knock on wood*) at an invitational Jiu-Jitsu event here in North Carolina.

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