Thursday, February 25, 2016

People will always complain: McGregor Moves to Welterweight

I could go on and on and on and on and on about this: McGregor takes fight with Nate Diaz. The ink isn't even dry on the press release and it's "why didn't he fight Cerrone?" "Why didn't he fight so-and-so?" If you think the UFC really airs out how it does business you haven't been following their company practices much as a fan. They don't actually admit to how much fighters are paid outside of listed win/show/whatever money. The negotiating of fights and contracts is still very very very hush hush. You think they tell the general public how things are actually done?

Bisping has done his fair share of crying/complaining after his losses.....
I do think it's hilarious Aldo demands a rematch and says "anytime, anywhere" and then is offered the fight and says no. Talk about primadonna behavior. He's got the Anderson Silva syndrome back when Anderson would balk at virtually everyone the UFC offered him. Anderson was quite the primadonna which people forget because of the Weidman losses and the year long suspension for banned substances putting him in victim-card-playing-territory to some as of late.  Bisping chimes in as he is oft willing to do by calling McGregor lucky that guys keep getting hurt and he fights guys late notice. Option B is McGregor doesn't fight, and pulls a Werdum/Cain rematch that just happened and an event moves to *&^# ing free TV which I'm sure the UFC was highly displeased with to put it mildly.

Conor doesn't fight Nate Diaz so he defies logic double and takes a fight at 170. The crickets sure are chirping.

McGregor SKIPS a weightclass and takes a fight with not just some dude you've never heard of, but a guy who's got legitimate wins in the promotion, a ton of experience and stylistically is a striker as would be the case if McGregor fought Pettis or Cerrone, the other two most notable names tossed in the ring.

Now people say oh Nate is last minute. Oh he's not a wrestler. Nate is blah blah blah blase. 
Cerrone and Pettis both stepped up but if they fought Conor people would say they're both strikers and not wrestlers which is the untested part of Conor's game. And they just fought recently. So if/when Conor beat them people would blame that. 

It's hilarious to watch naysayers do what naysayers do no matter the topic. The justification machine is on full-throttle for Conor McGregor and the spectacle of the rationalization hamster wheel must be melting the metal or the plastic of whatever it's made of currently. 
Typical McGregor hater busy on his facebook newsfeed commenting away

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