Saturday, February 13, 2016

BJJ Heroes Analyzes Toquinho vs Garry Tonon

Saw this linked @ Bjj News. 

First I'll be negative nancy and say that I'm honestly-at best-perhaps-kinda willing to get quasi-partially excited/half certain Toquinho won't flake out and back out. I recall he was supposed to face Dean Lister at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo but pulled out because "He has a shoulder injury and is a little overweight, but the main because of the injury."
When your excuse sounds that pitiful, even secondhand...I mean, the original vision must have been even less palatable believable.

That being said Garry is considerable smaller so Toquinho may actually show up. Incidentally, when I visited Renzo Gracie Academy in NYC (right near the garment district and some other bizarre fashion wholesalers, I got to see Garry Tonon and Eddie Cummings the day that was Eddie's last real training before defending his EBI title. Cool to see a solid group of guys wrestling and fighting for all kinds of leg locks. On that note, that day, this guy probably my weight but like maybe 5'1 and built like a small version of Toquinho ankle locked me probably 10 times in 5-7 minutes of rolling. No idea who he was or what rank but the dude ate my lunch via my feet. . Felt like my ankle was in an industrial strength vice. Danaher taught class and my JiuJitsu nerd heart almost exploded.

As for my personal thoughts on the match. I'm curious as to what weight they're meeting at. As for fighting for top position, Garry has diligently worked his wrestling as evidenced at least by videos of him training at Renzo's and wrestling with the likes of AJ Agazarm and other notables who come through. The day I saw them training they weren't going like it was the World Championships on the feet, but Garry certainly looks comfortable combining his wrestling with his Jiu-Jitsu. Palhares (from his ADCC matches) seems comfortable grabbing your leg or foot from virtually wherever it's hanging out and sitting into the submission.

I'm not going to provide much analysis because the leg lock came is a big deficiency in my game and something I'm addressing by making time to roll NoGi at least once a week and force myself to go for more foot locks when rolling with purple belts and up. I'm going to resist the Dunning-Kruger Effect and the desire to overestimate my understanding of leg locks and conjecture up some cool sounding analysis because my foot lock ability level is frankly probably a blue belt at best. I can dive on a rolling toe hold and hunt for a straight ankle lock but that's about it. Read the BJJ Heroes analysis and go forth with ankles crosses and fingers crossed in hopes the match takes place.

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