Friday, February 5, 2016

UFC Fight Night 82/UFC 196 No More - Gambling Picks & the Like - Wonderboy Vs Old Rig

Hendricks sounds like a broken record ever since losing his strap. He loses then admits his heart wasn't in it and that this time he really wants his belt back and blah blah blase. Not buying it. I'm not sold on Thompson as winning the belt but Hendricks has only unimpressed me since his fights with Lawler, not to mention the failing to make weight against Woodley debacle. He hasn't had the KO power since the surgery on his arm and that's what makes me think Thompson can survive some potential danger zones to do what he did to Ellenberger against the now semi-faded Hendricks. I think as lame as it sounds Thompsons movement and accuracy will trump Hendricks.
Speaking of fading, can't possibly pick Roy Nelson based on his last 5 losses I think it is.
Cavalcante of whom I am a fan hasn't impressed since porting over to the UFC and looks small in his division. Makovsky is a guy I think may down the line challenge for the belt and I think will improve each fight in the UFC. Borg is a guy who has also impressed me in small doses and I think also is a cut above other blood in his division. 

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